Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the theory test cost?
The theory test costs £24.00 and covers both parts to the test.
What are the two parts to the test?There is a written exam of 50 questions - you need 43 correct to pass. The second part is a hazard awareness test - this is the new part to the theory test where you are shown footage as have to react to any hazards that occur, such as a child running onto the road.
If I pass one part and fail the other do I only have to resit the part that I failed?
No, if you fail any part of the theory test you fail the test and have to complete the test in full again.
Is there a website with more information?Yes the DSA have their own website with up to the minute news. The address
How do I book the test?You have many choices. We can book yout test on-line (select Booking on the left menu), fill out an application form from any test centre or book online (card only) using the dsa's website or calling direct on 0870 0101372.
How long do I have to wait for a test?Every test centre is different. You normally have to wait a minimum 6 days for a test, but generally waiting times are around 10 days, slightly longer in certain places.
How long is the test valid for?The test is valid for 2 years. You have that time to pass the practical test and then get a full licence.
I have a different licence am I exempt from the theory?There are certain licences that are exempt. Full motorcycle licence holders are exempt if they obtained the full licence by February 2000 - if after then you will have to take the theory test. Full automatic car licence holders are exempt. If you think you may be exempt please contact the DSA on 0870 0101372.
Where is my nearest test centre?There is a full list of theory test centres on the DSA website. The DSA also have a postcode search on there booking system to find the nearest by mile to any postcode entered.
Can I pass my theory test after I have passed my practical test? No. You must pass your theory test before an actual practical test is even booked. Thus trying to sit a theory test whilst on a course is very risky, as you may firstly fail the theory test and secndly even if you do pass the theory test there may not be a practical test available at the end of your course

How much does the practical test cost?
The practical test costs £62.00 (£124.00 extended). This fee is added the course fee.

What should I bring?You must bring a valid signed provisional driving licence (both parts). If you have an old style licence you will also need photographic ID. We also recommend that you bring a pair of thin, lightweight shoes for driving and dont forget your glasses if required.

How long does the practical test last?The test should last between 38-43minutes. This may vary depending on traffic conditions.

If I fail, can I take a test the next day? No, current government legislation means that you are not allowed to sit a test for ten clear working days (Saturday classed as a working day).